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Payment for purchases of Photosets in this Archive is from the $ balance in your own personal account.

Value can be added to your account balance by several secure methods

You can use the $s value in your personal account, at any time, to pay for Photosets


For any questions about or problems with, your order, payment, or any issue - please contact





This process allows you to add to your account, to pay for Photosets.


This is a 'MANUAL' system so can take from 20 mins to 24 hrs, but we do everything as quick as possible.


We quote the daily bitcoin rate, to add value to your personal account balance.


Step 1 - send an email to using your registered email.

Include the $ value you wish to add to your account, in multiples of $12.


Step 2  - We send you an email with the Bitcoin value required and the Bitcoin address to send it to.

This address may change for security, so only use the address sent.


Step 3  -  You send the Bitcoin value to the provided Bitcoin address and return the email we sent, to confirm the transaction.


Step 4  -  We check your details & incoming Bitcoin payment & credit your account with the correct $value


Step 5  -  We send a return email to you confirm the completed Bitcoin transfer and the adding of the $s value to your account.


Step 6  -  you can then use the $s value in your account, at any time, to pay for your Photosets





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